I think it’s a fair statement to say that none of us thought this pandemic would last this long. I for one remember blatantly saying in May of 2020 that July and August weddings would have no problem going off without a hitch. Boy was I wrong. Covid has forced us to be creative and through adversity is the seed of an equal or greater benefit.


Guest List

When needing to cut your guest list, you realize whose truly important in your life and who would not want to miss one of the most exciting days of your life. If the person isn’t a relative, close friend or close co-worker, it may be a lot easier to eliminate them from your list.


You can spend more time being creative and inserting more of yourself and your partner into your day. What do I mean by this? Are you and your partner huge Steeler fans? Why not incorporate this into your day by having Steeler coasters as your wedding favor with your names and date printed on them. Or you could have a customized Pittsburgh Steelers cornhole board for yard games at your wedding. I think little touches go a long way.


When you have to feed 250 people, cost adds up quickly especially since that tends to be the most expensive part of a wedding. Instead of having to settle for your typical chicken, rigatoni and salad, why not pick a menu that showcases you and your partners’ tastes/culture or favorite meal? Since you will be at 50 guests or under it is affordable and fun.


Big weddings can be a lot of fun but you certainly do not have that intimate aspect with your guests when you go that route. A micro wedding allows you to interact with everyone and perhaps may even be more calming. When you have a large wedding, you are pulled in 100 different directions from vendors and guests and if you blink you will miss it! Consider this as very important because you will most likely only have one wedding.


Location is definitely one of those things that should be taken into consideration when planning a wedding. When inviting 200 plus guests, some might have opinions as to where you are holding your nuptials. If it’s over an hour away, some guests may not attend. Another factor to consider is that your dream venue may be very expensive when inviting that many guests. When you have under 50 and your guests know they made the cut, it may be a much easier process to pick your dream venue location.


Splurge on what’s important to you!

Maybe you always dreamed of hiring the top photographer in your area but a big wedding would make that impossible due to costs. Perhaps you have a dreamed of all your guests gathering in a super fancy restaurant with all the courses! This is much more attainable with 50 guests or less.



Less guests means less preparation, less time spent and less money. And very likely less time spent taking off work in preparation for your soiree. With a micro wedding it’s not hard to imagine that you could potentially take the honeymoon of your dreams and maybe even take 10 days or 2 weeks.


Micro weddings are on the rise and have so many benefits! Don’t let a pandemic come between you and your dream wedding.