What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and wedding planner? I’m so glad you asked!

What does a Wedding Planner do?

A wedding planner is hired by YOU. So therefore they are working for you. They handle logistics, coordination, execution and design and can you save you money in the long run. Many planners will work with vendors to offer discounts!

A wedding planner will work with all your vendors throughout the planning process and may even help with contract negotiations. They help take the guess work out of the process.

A wedding planner will arrive early in the morning on your big day and stay till the very end most likely. They will be physically present. They are there to execute your day flawlessly. They should connect to you on a personal level and also provide emotional support.

Your wedding planner will design your ceremony and reception. They will create your day of timeline and make sure vendors have all the necessary info for the wedding day such as directions, and parking info for the venue as well as rules. They will be overseeing everything on the day of your wedding.

What does a Venue Coordinator do?

The venue coordinator will most likely provide a list of preferred vendors and that’s the extent of their involvement with other vendors. Every venue is different in how much involvement their onsite coordinator has. There is nothing wrong with that! Their primary job is to make sure everyone is safe, rules aren’t broken and the venue is locked up at night.

The venue coordinator will have a timeline centered around food- when it will be prepped and served. A venue coordinator is not designing your wedding. Period.

Do not make the mistake of not hiring a wedding planner because your venue has a coordinator on site!