When I first knew I wanted to plan weddings, I had already had my own wedding and had planned other events but nothing as colossal as a wedding for someone else. You may be picturing arranging florals, fluffing the brides dress, cake tasting and other elegant tasks. But the truth is while you may be doing those things there is a lot more grunt work so prepare to get your hands dirty!

Whether you are a coordinator or a full scale planner, the preparation and planning comes long before the actual wedding day (obviously).

Even having my own wedding with hiccups I had to deal with, I was not fully prepared for what being a planner and day of coordinator looked like. I had to learn by just doing it. Every wedding is different but there is something to learn from every couple, every family, every venue and how to make things more efficient every time.

For my month of coordination packages, I always meet with the couple beforehand and then have several follow up calls as well as unlimited texting and email as necessary.

I call all the other vendors before the wedding to ensure when they will be arriving and where things need to be dropped off, etc. I create an executive timeline (with the couples’ final approval of course) for all the vendors and the wedding party.

On the day of the wedding, I normally don’t stop (except to eat dinner!) 😉

I arrive hours before the ceremony begins to put out any décor such as centerpieces, favors, signs, balloons, escort cards, etc. If the ceremony is in a separate location from the reception, I will go to both places beforehand to make sure all is set up appropriately. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run out to get forgotten items or extras such as lighters, bottle openers, false eyelashes, etc!

Once all the décor is set up, I want to make sure my couple is happy and see if there is anything they need from me to make their day easier. Usually by this point it’s time to line up for the ceremony. I want to make sure that everyone knows who they are walking down the aisle with, what order and help anyone who needs boutonnieres pinned on.

Everything after this point is determined by what the couple has decided for me to help with. I generally work closely with the DJ to execute announcements, help with the grand entrance, refill the cookie table, coordinate a sparkler send off, and general clean up.

I am usually a sweaty mess and it’s not the glamorous career you may picture. But I would not trade it for the world because when my couples tell me at the end of the night that everything flowed perfectly and it was the best day of their lives I feel so blessed and relieved! I don’t take all the credit for that either. A wedding should feel perfect no matter what if you are being true to yourself. However, when I help make that day especially stress-free and sprinkle some of my own magic, I feel it is the most rewarding job I could have.