The Ins and Outs of Florals for your Wedding! 

Most brides love beautiful flowers but a lot don’t understand what goes into them and aren’t sure what to expect with costs. When you hire a florist, that florist works with suppliers who already determine a base cost for each bloom.

The cost is comprised of what season it is, how in demand the crop is, and also how fussy each type is (aka the level of care involved).

Your florist needs to know the details about each flowers temperament so they are able to care for it properly so you don’t have withered flowers on your wedding day. Your florist also knows how to arrange and secure florals together for the best visual appeal so your bouquet actually stays together among other things.

All of these things contribute to cost and rightfully so because that’s a lot! I personally would not want to be a florist. And no, I don’t think going to Costco and buying a bunch of flowers to put together yourself is a good idea.

Some brides will try to save money and consider fake florals. Let me tell you why this is a bad idea – most fake florals can’t hold a candle to a real flower. The ones that actually can are going to cost more than the real thing – guarantee it.

Check out my solution and tips instead if you’re on a tighter budget. If you have a bridal party, consider nixing florals for them. They already look good in their dresses and suits so save yourself hundreds and put it toward something else such as a statement piece!

What’s a statement piece? A statement piece could be your ceremony arch, florals for your sweetheart table,  a hanging ceiling installation above the dance floor, or maybe a huge floral backdrop.

Putting your dollars toward these items gives you a bigger bang! Your guests are going to notice these way more than a bridesmaids bouquet.

Another thing you can do is have 2-3 different centerpiece ideas. Have 1/2 or 1/3 be more elaborate florals and the other centerpieces can be things like bud vases, greenery, candles and other eclectic items.

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